Celandine reached up to turn the brass door handle of the second-class carriage, and felt that this time she would succeed, that the sunshine train would take her away from all that was hateful and bring her safely home, at last, to her friends.

Steve Augarde, Celandine

“Oh—oh—oh! I am invisible. Whatever shall I do?”

E. Nesbit, The Enchanted Castle

And still she took it. His beloved Scramjet. He won’t say her name, only her kind, sneers it to the morning star: “Girl.”

Jerry Spinelli, Hokey Pokey

On the knoll they saw what looked like a clothes pin, standing prongs up. It was a little girl standing on her head.

Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy-Tacy

Foreign Editions of The Penderwicks...

The Penderwick books have been translated into many languages and sold all around the world. The foreign countries provide their own covers and do their own translating without consulting with Jeanne. It's always a treat -- and sometimes quite a surprise -- when the foreign editions first arrive in the mail.

Czech coverGreek cover

The Greeks made Batty blond and Hound very small and not black, while the Czechs changed the Penderwicks' last names to Penderwickovi and Jeanne’s last name name to Birdsallova. 

Japanese coverThe Chinese print their books backwards from how we print ours. This cover is on what we consider to be the back of the book.

Dutch edition front and back coverThe Dutch added little leaf sprigs to the cover design. And on the back, they put a picture of Jeanne with Peta the rabbit.

The Italians included wonderful drawings in their version of the book. Here are two of them: Skye hiding from Mrs. Tifton in the urn, and the four sisters all dressed up for Jeffrey's birthday party. Notice how nervous Batty looks about meeting Mrs. Tifton!

Italian edition Batty in urnItalian edition sisters in dresses

The Hebrew cover (left), Hungary cover (middle), and Indonesian cover (right).
German edition front cover German edition front cover German edition front cover


For the German covers, the artist uses bright pastels to create landscapes that are very German, yet still Penderwickian. Aren’t they beautiful?

German edition front coverGerman cover frontGermany back cover

Germany back coverThe Russians created a beautiful view of Arundel’s garden for the back cover. Note that they are the only country to put Mrs. Tifton and Dexter on the cover!

Germany back coverKorean front cover.