Mr. Frumble Rides Again

mr frumble rides again.jpg

Dana Sheridan, the Education & Outreach Coordinator of the Cotsen Children’s Library at Princeton University, can make just about anything children-book related out of . . . well, just about anything. Costumes, props, giant snakes, rodent rockets, you name it. Take a look at her blog Pop Goes the Page to revel in her wild imagination.

Last summer Dana was kind enough to give me her very own version of Richard Scarry’s Mr. Frumble, a glorious concoction of paper towel roll, green masking tape, construction paper, and plastic (the tires, which say BADGER PLUG COMPANY on them.)

For most of the time, Mr. Frumble stays quietly on my shelf, but recently he drove into a photo shoot that had nothing to do with him. Two of the participants were kind about it, but Jarrett Krosoczka’s Punk Farm Goat grumbled endlessly about being pushed off to one side. Only recently has he stopped, and it’s been a great relief to all of us.