Penderwicks Series

With over one million copies sold, this irresistible series of modern classics tells the story of the Penderwicks, a family that believes in truth and honor, yet can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

From National Book Award winner and New York Times bestselling author Jeanne Birdsall, the Penderwick books are perfect for fans of Noel Streatfeild and Edward Eager.


My Favorite Pets: by Gus W. for Ms. Smolinski’s Class

Seventeen sheep plus one Gus means that life is never dull on the farm! From National Book Award winning author Jeanne Birdsall and New York Times Bestselling illustrator Harry Bliss comes a hilarious tale about man’s other best friend.

Birdsall’s deadpan narrative leaves plenty of room for Bliss to invent comedic scenes. Children will chuckle as the sheep wreak havoc
— Kirkus
Bliss’ wildly amusing illustrations provide delicious subtext.
— Booklist, starred review

Flora’s Very Windy Day

When Flora and her pesky little brother, Crispin, are whisked away by a swirling and swooping wind, she gets the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to give her brother away. With tempting offers from a dragonfly, the man in the moon, and even the wind itself, she will find it difficult to choose. But Flora would do anything to get rid of Crispin, wouldn’t she?

Jeanne’s picture-book debut takes flight in award-winner Matt Phelan’s twisting, twirling watercolors, brimming with wit and whimsy.

As realistic as the mixed emotions it captures and as fanciful as a conversation with a rainbow, the first picture book by Birdsall, author of The Penderwicks (2005), blends homely and fantastic elements as naturally as a child at play
— Booklist, starred review

For more information on the artist Matt Phelan, visit his website:


Lucky and Squash

Lucky and Squash are next-door neighbors and best friends. But there’s a locked gate between them, so they can’t play together. If only their owners fell in love and got married, Lucky and Squash would be brothers. Unfortunately, Miss Violet and Mr. Bernard have never even said hello to each other.

The only solution is for Lucky and Squash to run away together, leaving a trail of clues behind them. Then, when their owners come to the rescue, surely they will notice each other and fall in love. Won’t they?

This is a fun canine fantasy with humor, excitement, a happy ending, and, most important of all, two ridiculously adorable dogs that end up getting their way—as dogs tend to do.
— Booklist